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Flat Fee MLS Listing in Hawaii-Serving All Islands

$249 For A Six Month Realtor's MLS Listing 

1) A listing in the local Multiple Listing Service for six months (may be cancelled without charge)
2) Unlimited and FREE changes to listing
3) 25 Photos on the MLS (seller to provide photos that are owned by the seller, see #23 of contract)
4) Realtor.com listing and syndication to public sites that show MLS listings
5) Listing on Trulia, Zillow, Listhub and most real estate websites (see #19 of contract)
6) State/Federal Required Disclosures
7) Hawaii Purchases and Sale Agreement & addenda (upon emailed request)
8) Listing on our site, FlatList.com
9) Assistance with offers for a flat fee, Click here for information
INSTRUCTIONS TO LIST your Hawaii property:

1) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD the Listing Instructions and Agreement 

2) CLICK BELOW on the island and property type to download the Data Form:

Single Family   Condo   Vacant Land/Lot    Multi-Family   Commercial    Rental

Maui County

Single Family   Condo   Vacant Land/Lot    Multi-Family   Commercial    Rental

Big Island & Kauai
Single Family    Condo   Vacant Land/Lot    Multi-Family   Commercial

CLICK HERE TO PAY for Your MLS Listing AND add your property information and photos to this site.  (See Listing Instructions on the forms you downloaded)

Stacie Whitfield, Hawaii Principal Broker
License #RB19259, RB19260 FlatList.com
Email me at hihomes@flatlist.com

My name is Stacie Whitfield, and I am the Principal Broker and owner/founder of FlatList.com.
I will be the one listing your property and assisting you with the process.  Please feel free to email me at hihomes@flatlist.com if you have any questions.

Your property listing will be entered into the MLS that covers the island the property is located. 
There are three MLS systems in Hawaii:  Hicentral MLS covers Oahu, HIS (Hawaii Information Systems) covers the Big Island and Kauai, and Maui Paragon covers Maui County.

Click HERE for Consumer Info. on buying and selling real estate in Hawaii

*Your listing will appear on many real estate websites, however, we cannot guarantee which sites will display the listing and/or the accuracy of the information or lack thereof. We only have control over the MLS listing, and from there the listing syndicates to public sites.