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If you are interested in having your website linked to this site, AND you offer a flat fee MLS service, please let us know. 

EMAIL to company@flatlist.com and in the subject line, type: Broker Link

Include the following information:

1) You and your company's legal name

2) State(s) in which you are licensed yourself (not where you refer out to other agents)

3) The website URL that we would link too

4) Confirm that you do not offer a national flat fee referral program, as we ONLY link to brokers that service/list the listings themselves AND are legally licensed in their state by the real estate licensing division.

If we choose to link to your site for the state(s) that you cover, we will require that you have our link on your site for Washington, Arizona, Oregon and Hawaii.

Thank you!

If you have questions, call Stacie Whitfield, 425-344-6779 or Angela Heit 425-232-4590