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FLAT FEE MLS Listing In Washington $299

$299 MLS listing fee includes:
1. Professional listing in the Multiple Listing Service that covers your area for six months with up to 40 photos
2. Listing on Realtor.com, zillow, redfin, etc. with photo gallery
3. Listing on many real estate sites that displays MLS listings (Realtor.com, Redfin, zillow, etc.)*
4. You may make changes to your listing at any time, including photo change without charge
5. Purchase agreement and addenda included upon request
6. All Forms & Disclosures as required by state and federal law
7. Assistance with Offers Available available upon sign up
8. Lock boxes are available to rent for $95
9. Signage available for $25

How the Flat Fee MLS Service Works

LIST YOUR PROPERTY:  Upon placing your MLS order (Click Below to list), you will receive the MLS Listing Input sheet complete as well as further instructions. This is a fillable form on your computer, so no printing/scanning.  You will receive the listing agreement via electronic signature to sign. If you would like to review the listing agreement prior to your order, or have any questions with the process, email Angela Heit at wahomes@flatlist.com and include the property address. 

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Angela Heit, Designated Broker for Washington Office

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*We can't guarantee that public sites will show all photos and content of your mls listing, nor the time frame in which they post it.