FlatList.com Listing for a Flat Fee Since 1999!

$399 - Six Month MLS Listing - Serving ALL of Hawaii
1) A listing in the Multiple Listing Service on the Island that your property is located up to one year
2) Unlimited and FREE changes to listing
3) Maximum photos allowed on the MLS
4) Listing on Realtor.com, redfin, remax, Trulia, Zillow, Listhub and hundreds of real estate websites that show mls listings
5) State/Federal Required Disclosures
6)  You may cancel the listing at anytime without charge
7)  Assistance with offers, signs, lock boxes and other services are available from the broker

To Get Started, CLICK HERE to place your MLS order   Upon receiving your order, you will receive the MLS listing forms and instructions from the Broker*.  That broker will charge you directly at the time you submit the MLS listing forms back to them.  Hence, there is no commitment on your part until you have filled out, signed and sent the forms back to the Broker.

Please allow TWO FULL Business days for your listing to be processed after all forms, photos and payment have been submitted to the Broker.

Email hihomes@flatlist.com with questions.

*Flat Fee MLS listing and all real estate brokerage services advertised and fulfilled by Nathalie Mullinix (Hawaii License No. RB-17596).

*Your listing will appear on many real estate websites, however, we cannot guarantee which sites will display the listing and/or the accuracy of the information or lack thereof. We only have control over the MLS listing, and from there the listing syndicates to public sites. If there are inaccuracies on a public site, you will need to contact them directly to correct their data.