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Flat Fee MLS Listing Package

Reach more potential buyers by advertising your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Realtor.com for one year with full photo upload and free changes. Many buyers use agents to find a property, and those agents use the MLS to locate properties for sale. By offering a buyer's agent a 2-3% commission, you are more likely to speed up the sale of your home. Of course, if you sell your home directly to a buyer without a buyer's agent you would pay no commission at all! 

The Multiple Listing Service is the traditional method agents use to find homes for their buyers, but MLS listings are also seen by most independent buyers searching for a home online. This means you could easily get offers from buyers working with agents and buyers without agents. With FlatList.com's Flat Fee MLS, you are free to choose the right offer for you — one that includes a commission for the buyer's agent*, or one where no agents are involved. You stay in control the entire time.

Overview of the process

1) Add your property to our site and pay for your MLS listing.

2) Upon payment, you will receive the MLS Listing forms and instructions.  The disclosure forms and instructions on making future changes to your listing will be provided as well.

3) Your listing fee is good for a six month listing. However, if you decide to cancel your listing, you may do so at anytime without refund or additional charge.

4)  Your listing will not only be on the local MLS, but will also appear on hundreds of public real estate sites, such as Realtor.com, Remax, Caldwell Banker and other sites that show MLS listings.