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Assistance with offers when the Buyer is represented by an Agent 
- Due at close of escrow...if it doesn't close, you don't pay!

The charge for this service is $950 in WA state and $1200 in Arizona which is due at close of escrow. If the property fails to close, you DO NOT pay. We do not offer assistance with offers in our Oregon or Hawaii brokerages at this time)

When an offer comes in on your property and the buyer is being represented by a real estate agent, we will assist you throughout the transaction (Washington state only). Agents will fax a copy of the offer to our office and once we receive the offer, we will email you a copy and call you to confirm receipt. After you have reviewed the offer carefully, we will call you to discuss the offer. As a broker, there may be changes that we may recommend to change on the contract and there will be changes you will want to make as well. We will guide you through the counter-offer process.  We will make sure preliminary title has been ordered and have it delivered to the buyer, make sure escrow is set up and earnest money is deposited.  In addition, we will make sure that all disclosures have been delivered in accordance with law and the contract.

Once the inspection response comes back from the buyer, we will be in contact with you again to discuss corrections that the buyer has requested, if any. Again, we will walk you through this process. If you receive multiple offers, then we will work with you to get the most money using an escalation addendum at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

This service is only available when the Buyer is being represented by an agent.  If you find your own buyer NOT working with an agent, we do not assist with those transactions but would be happy to provide you with the state specific purchase and sale agreements.

If you have questions, please email us depending on your state: Arizona: azhomes@flatlist.com   Oregon: orhomes@flatlist.com